We are very passionate about breeding and raising cattle that produce the healthiest, most tender grass-fed beef available. To accomplish this goal, we use composite breeding. We start with the Angus breed and then strive to make it better by incorporating the genes of the Lowline Angus and the Jersey breeds into our cattle.

Lowline Angus

The Lowline Angus is a smaller, deep bodied animal that produces meat which has a finer texture and has a higher percentage cutout of rib eye. Lowlines finish out extremely well on grass and in a shorter amount of time. The Lowline is a very docile animal which helps contribute toward the tenderness of its meat.

Hybrid Cross

We have found that using Composite Breeding, the combining of breeds, with Angus, Lowline Angus, and Jersey, we are producing a beef that is unequaled in flavor, tenderness, and texture. As an added benefit from our Composite Breeding Program, we can keep our calves with their mothers, drinking their mother’s milk right up until the time they are harvested, which is around 9 months of age.

Jersey Breed

The Jersey is a dairy breed that, in our opinion, produces the most tender meat of any breed. The only problem from a breeder’s standpoint is that it does not produce a lot of meat on its frame, making it expensive to produce. But when we cross Jersey with Angus or Lowline Angus, we see a beefier animal that will still pass the Jersey meat test. Most people who have eaten Jersey meat will not want anything else.


We raise our Dorper hair sheep just like our cattle. Our sheep forage and lamb naturally in open pastures. We rotate them frequently into new pastures for clean, healthy grazing. Lambs are ready for processing at the age of 5 -6 months and will weigh approximately 100 pounds. Our lambs are with their mothers, getting their rich milk and grazing lush pastures, which we feel is the main reason for the exceptional flavor and tenderness of the meat. Our animals are never fed grain or treated with antibiotics, steroids, or growth hormones.