1. How much freezer space will I need?

A half beef will typically provide between 150 and 200 pounds of meat. This will require approximately 7 cubic feet of freezer space.
(Double this amount for whole beef)

2. Where do I pick up my meat?

We recommend Country Home Meats (CHM) in Edmond as your processor. You will pick up your meat at CHM when you're informed it's ready. Ground beef orders may be picked up in Edmond or at the farm in Enid.

3. How much does my beef or lamb cost?

You can find our pricing list HERE.

4. Why do I secure my purchase before it is ready to process?

Demand for 100% grass-fed beef and lamb is very high and BF Farms is usually sold out well before an animal reaches processing age.
The deposit is required to ensure you receive one of our animals.

5. How do I know when my meat is available for pick up?

After you place your order, one of our friendly staff will contact you to ask which custom cuts you would like and to arrange a time for you to receive your delicious grass feed meat.

6. Can I have my beef or lamb custom cut?

Yes, you can.

7. What is the charge for processing my beef or lamb?

We do not charge additional processing fees. All our delicious premium meats come at one fixed price. You can find our pricing list HERE.

Do you have a question that you don't see here?

Feel free to CONTACT US and we will gladly answer it for you!