Is All Grass-Fed Created Equal?

Is All Grass-Fed Created Equal?

Did you know that not all grass-fed meat is created equal? Marketing companies and the food industry have realized the trend to eating grass-fed beef. People want to eat healthier. People want ethically raised food. The problem is that in order to capitalize on these trends, they have mislead us with popular labels. If we don't ask the right questions, we may be deceived.

We are one of the only farms in our area that produce 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef and lamb. When I share what we do with friends and strangers around town, I often hear things like, "Oh, I've seen grass-fed meet sold at the grocery store or at the health food store!" to which I respond, "Is it also finished on grass?"

The loophole in the food industry right now is that as long as an animal has eaten grass at all in it's lifetime, it can be considered "grass-fed". It's marketing at its finest.

You see, all cattle begin by eating grass and nursing from mama until about 6-12 months. After that period of time, many farmers choose to fatten the animal on grain until it goes into processing. These animals are not 100% grass-fed. If they are sent to a feedlot, it also becomes a sanitary issue as mentioned in our previous blog, "Safe Beef".

At BF Farms we allow the animals to continue eating grass their entire life. The main difference is in the nutrition you are receiving. You eat what "Norma Jean" eats. Here are the health benefits to 100% grass-fed beef and lamb vs an animal finished on grain:

  • Higher levels of Omega 3s - an essential fatty acid that reduces inflammation and lowers cholesterol
  • Higher levels of CLA - a fatty acid that improves brain function and reduces the risk of cancer
  • Higher levels of vitamins and minerals including vitamins A and E
  • Lower levels of Omega 6s - a fatty acid that causes inflammation and raises cholesterol
  • Lower levels of cholesterol elevating saturated fatty acids
  • Lower levels of overall fat content

There is a difference and we want you to benefit from a 100% grass-fed animal and all of the nutrition it brings! We work hard so that our animals receive a grass-fed diet year round. We work hard so that we can be proud of that "grass-fed" label. So next time you're at the grocery store, health food market, or farmer's market, ask the important question: "Is it also grass finished?"

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