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A Message From a Five Year Old

A Message From a Five Year Old

We interviewed a five year old and her message is clear. She lives on the farm so she has more “know how” than most five year olds about farm life. Possibly more than some adults!

Riley is in pre-school. She is a sixth generation helper on our family farm. She loves, loves, loves to ride in the farm truck and be an assistant in any way possible. We try our best to keep her in the loop regarding what we do and how it benefits people and their health. Being around animals and seeing how much work it takes to raise animals with good health in mind has given her quite the perspective on farming and food in general. Listen to her wisdom…

What is our farm called?

BF Farms.

What do we do here on the farm?

We feed chickens and collect eggs and we make sure the cows are okay and the sheep. And we water the garden.

What kinds of things do the cows and the sheep need?

Some grass…ummmmmm…eh… I don’t know what else.

What does Mimi -Kamie, our ranch manager- do on the farm?

She collects eggs with me. We feed the dogs together.

How long does Mimi work on the farm?

She leaves in the truck when the sun wakes up and comes back sometimes at dinner and sometimes at nighttime.

What do the dogs do to help on the farm?

They guard the sheep from the coyotes so the coyotes don’t go and eat the sheep in the night. They do eat the sheep in the night sometimes.

Where does the meat at the grocery store come from?

I don’t know.

What are the most important foods to eat?


So why do we eat beef and lamb?

Well, it’s okay because the cows eat green vegetables…grass!

Why do we feed the cows and the sheep grass?

Because it makes their body happy.

Why do we eat grass-fed beef and lamb?

Because it makes our body happy.

What do you want to say to everyone who hasn’t tasted our meat?

Come to the house and try it! It’s yummy and makes your body happy.


BF-Farms, LLC, Oklahoma's source for 100% grass-fed beef and lamb.

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