The Grass-Fed Movement

The “Other Benefits” of the Grass-fed Movement

The grass-fed movement in the United States has been propelled by health concerns. And because most grass-fed beef is marketed as whole or half, people are becoming excited about trying parts of a beef they didn’t even know existed.

The Magruder Ranch in California raises grass-fed beef, and they market their animals similar to the way we do at BF Farms – with the exception of one thing. 70% of their orders come from restaurants with the balance sold to individuals. Both the Magruder Ranch and BF Farms market primarily whole or half beef, but BF Farms markets almost exclusively to individuals.

So, what’s the point??
There is a trend occurring in the United States. People want to enjoy all parts of a beef rather than the few select cuts generally offered in a grocery store.

The feedlot revolution has concentrated on only one theme – how well a steak is marbled. This has created the government grading system of Choice and Prime. Many forward thinking chefs are now saying that there is much more to a beef than a well-marbled steak. Yes, California may be ahead of Oklahoma in this trend, but this trend is coming our way. It’s our BF Farms’ customers who are on the cutting edge of this new trend!

In a way, each of you is a chef creating new and interesting ways to prepare different parts of your grass-fed beef. Most local restaurants and their chefs here in Oklahoma are still reluctant to order a whole of half beef – but it IS coming!

Just know that what is in your freezer is special. Yes, you already know the health benefits of 100% grass-fed beef, but together we are learning new and unique ways to use the entire beef. One of these uses is bone marrow to make bone broth. It’s mind boggling to think that for years many people have been throwing away probably the most nutritious part of a grass-fed beef.

We keep challenging our processor not to throw away anything that may have value. Example: one unique, small piece of meat called “cheek meat” surfaced. This is a small portion of meat in the head of a beef that is generally discarded. This is delicious cooked at a low, moist heat all day in a crock pot. In addition, we have customers who request all organ meats along with the sweet breads.

We encourage you, our customers, to share ways you’re preparing your grass-fed beef. Email us so we can post your recipes in blogs and on our Facebook page. From there, share your recipes with your friends!

Posted on July 15, 2015 .