Why Does BF Farms Grass-fed Beef and Lamb Taste So Good?

Just Let Nature Grow Your Grass-fed Lamb & Grass-fed Beef!

We are often asked, Why does BF Farms’ grass-fed lamb & beef taste so good? People from lamb eating countries such as England, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand will marvel that our lamb is the best they’ve ever eaten. And ditto for our beef.

We credit this good taste to two things; 1. 100% grass-fed lamb & beef, and 2. the management of the soil.  The grass-fed concept is well documented, but the soil that the grass is raised on has an even more compelling contribution.

When we eat food from lamb & beef raised on soil that has been bombarded with synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides, doesn’t it just make sense that the meat probably will take on a different taste? Lamb & beef raised with these artificial aids are simply not as healthy and require medicines to keep them going. This is a cycle that cannot have a good ending.

When getting back to a more natural way of raising grass-fed lamb and grass-fed beef, our ego is one of the most difficult obstacles to overcome. Over the past 60 years we have been programed to thinking that we must DO something. We have been taught that we will have healthy crops and animals by adding synthetics. Such folly!

Just look at the cow that raises our beef. She has a four inch wide mouth, four legs, and four stomachs that can process just about anything she eats. She roams over large areas eating, and 80% of what she eats comes out the other end as fertilizer, which remineralizes the same soil she is living on. And we think we can compete and do a better job with synthetics? Our job is quite simple – understand how nature works, then let it do its job. Just don’t get in the way!

Posted on July 15, 2015 .