BF Farms’ Adventures

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The Sallee family has had many adventures on BF Farms thus far! Here’s a sneak peak at what we have been experiencing:

From farm to kitchen to table…

So living on a farm means you basically have your own grocery store. It’s pretty fantastic. We not only have an endless supply of the world’s best grass-fed beef and lamb of all cuts and sizes, we also have a rather large garden in the back yard, a milk cow, and access to wheat.

Now, before you start thinking that life has become so “utterly” easy for us – wink – keep in mind that preparation is still needed for…EVERYTHING. I have, in two months, learned to prepare various styles and cuts of meat - thanks to Pinterest, take care of a garden, harvest, milk a cow, make cheese, can all kinds of veggies, and I will soon make bread before the year is over!  Whew!

It’s time consuming, and hard, and sometimes I just really don’t want to do it…and then I think, “My precious babies are eating this good, nutritious, ethically raised food. Their lives depend on me and I am grateful for the chance to do it well.” And that’s all I need to keep going.

Meanwhile, on the farm…

Brian and Kamie, Brian’s mother and Ranch Manager, spend a lot of time on the farm with the cattle and sheep. They make sure the animals are getting the nutrients they need and frequently move them from field to field so they can feed on many different types of grass. Kamie breeds the animals and Brian uses his super human muscle strength to fix fences, wrestle rams, and farmer guy type stuff that I’m sure I should know more about.

Thank a farmer when you get a chance.

On another more light-hearted note, my four-year-old daughter, Riley, has a pet lamb. Her name is Lola. Lola is an orphan. We are not really sure who her mama is because we found her alone in a field, but Riley took her in and feeds her lamb formula from a bottle every day multiple times a day, runs around with her, and teaches her the ways of a four year old. Lola thinks she is a human. Riley also has grown fond of a chicken named Survivor, and she likes to collect eggs like every day is Easter. She is our grand assistant and loves to help in every way.

Emma…well, Emma is one and likes rocks.

(From the 'pen' of wife & mother, Nicole Sallee.)



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