Safe Beef

Grass-fed beef is safe beef


Let's talk a bit about safe beef and what that means exactly.

An article was recently featured by Andrea Rock on the cover of the October 2015 Consumer Reports magazine challenging consumers to dive deeper into the source of their ground beef.

"If you don't know how the ground beef you eat was raised, you may be putting yourself at higher risk of illness from dangerous bacteria. You okay with that?"

The conditions in which your beef was raised plays a significant part in the amount of bacteria present in your meat. An animal that was raised or even spends the end of its life in a crowded feedlot living in its own manure is bound to contain more bacteria than one that grazes on grass in open pastures its entire life.

We went to visit family in Colorado last month and on our way back to the farm, passed around 20 feedlots. Ya'll, I had heard about the conditions, but seeing it was a completely different story. We stopped to take pictures and the smell was almost unbearable. It permeated the van for the next 10 miles. Below is one of the pictures we took. All of the brown you see is manure and dirt.


That’s just addressing the bacteria. We haven't even gone into the added hormones and antibiotics that were injected into those cattle even if there was no sickness present to begin with. Those things may still present in your meat and can eventually make their way into your body.

This past weekend, we had the privilege of meeting many of our customers and new faces at a Family Farm Day right here on our property. They were able to experience and talk to us about our farming process, see the land and the animals. We were proud to share the hard work it takes to raise animals that are completely grass-fed and the joy that comes from knowing we are doing it the right way. We love hearing how your meat has been treating you and your bodies, your families and your quality of life! Ultimately, that's what this all boils down to. You and your quality of life.

Source: Consumer Reports

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