Lamb: A Dining Delicacy

Lamb: A Dining Delicacy

Lamb is and always has been a dining delicacy for many cultures and has recently been making its way into mainstream American restaurants with great flare! We are now seeing lamb burgers, rack of lamb appetizers, pickled lamb tongues, lamb sausage and more! Not to mention, the rising awareness of the importance and health benefits of grass-fed meat.

Why? What's all the hype?

Food has become a hobby. The most unique, authentic, and well displayed foods tend to give "foodies" and those who love to navigate the cuisine of the area great conversation and something to brag about! Grass-fed lamb is becoming quite popular, and not only for dining out.

Thanks to the internet, Pinterest, and food bloggers everywhere, we have access to some of the most imaginative recipes from kitchens in homes all over the world. With a small search, anyone can find a new and exciting lamb recipe to experiment with.

I recently spoke with one of our most valued customers about her family's upbringing regarding lamb and she emphasized how valued and special it was when they were able to consume lamb at the dinner table. While others gathered around the typical turkey or ham, her family brought in lamb. "It was a delicacy! We were privileged to be able to have it."

Can you imagine that possibility for your family? What about hosting dinner parties or even barbecues? Is it time to do something different? Offering the highest quality grass-fed lamb is something we are very proud of here at BF Farms and we love that we can help bring it to your dinner table!

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Posted on January 31, 2016 and filed under Grass-Fed Lamb, Healthy Living.