Why We Stand Out

Why Our Farming Stands Out

Last week, we moved cattle from one pasture to another which is a regular occurrence on our grass-fed farm, and I realized that this is why our farming stands out. I wondered if our customers and friends knew why this was important? Why moving cattle matters for them? What is involved and why should they care?

You see, we have over 17 different kinds of grasses and forages on our farm and each one contains a specific set of nutrients that we offer to our cattle for their health, and ultimately, for yours. Last week, we happened to be moving the cattle from one pasture of Bermuda grass to another.

We wanted them to stay on the Bermuda because at this point in the year it contains a great balance of protein and carbohydrates. Earlier in the year it is high in protein and later in the year, before it dies, it is high in carbohydrates. The cattle had eaten most of the growth from the first pasture and we moved them so that they wouldn't eat down to the base where their manure sits. If they eat too low, they could get worms from the manure.

All this to say, we keep a careful eye on their health, hygiene, and diet. Since we don't use antibiotics, it is important that they remain healthy. This is just one example of many in the quality of our care. We stand out because we care about every detail. We want to create the highest quality grass-fed beef and lamb around! We also believe in farming the right way without cutting corners, even when it takes longer.

It is not our desire to speak negatively about other farmers or companies, so we just want to challenge you. Know where your food comes from. Know how it is cared for and raised. Know what it eats and the environment in which it lives. It affects how your body functions. "You are what you eat."


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