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Winter on the Farm

A Grass-Fed Winter on BF Farms

We have received many questions lately about how we keep the animals fed and cared for during the winter on the farm. These are great questions. With all of the ice and sleet everywhere how do the animals get the "green" they need to maintain their "grass-fed" status?

In order to answer those questions we followed Kamie, our Ranch Manager, during one of her morning rounds. She told us that they plant rye and barley with turnips and radishes which are green in the winter and the sheep and cattle eat right through the ice to get to the nutrition they need. The ice doesn't phase them a bit. In fact, it provides some extra hydration while they eat. They also receive salt and mineral, along with water that has to be broken up every now and then from icing over.

Our cattle handle the cold very well. Nature has a way of protecting animals from cold. Cattle will naturally grow thicker and longer hair for winter. In fact, cattle are a good indicator when a cold winter is coming as their hair will become even heavier. Then in spring they shed that winter coat of hair. Our sheep on the other hand have access to shelter under one of our large barns. Sheep have the tendency to suffocate if covered in ice, and therefore need the option of covered shelter during these cold months.

Have no fear! At BF Farms we plan ahead so our animals get exactly what they need when they need it. It takes a lot of work behind the scenes to care for the animals properly and to maintain our "grass-fed" status, and we wouldn't have it any other way!


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The Babies are Here!

The Babies are Here!

The lamb babies are here, and more are arriving as I type this blog! Lambing season is one of the most exciting times at BF Farms.

For months we anticipate, watching the bellies of our pregnant ewes grow in the hot summer sun, knowing that many are carrying twins. We check on them more frequently than usual, making sure they are receiving adequate water and mineral, checking their bodies as they grow. They stay close to the water trough to get some relief from the heat and their backs sway with the weight of their bundle. Lying down is their favorite past time, as should be towards the end of a pregnancy. Am I right, mamas?

Then as sure as the seasons change, new life is born! When we hear the first baby cry, we know many more are coming and ready ourselves to care for a new generation of sheep. When we first began our sheep adventures on the farm, we tried to step in and help in the birthing process. We thought, "Of course we would step in and see how things were going because we are the farmers!  We typically receive extra care as humans so why wouldn't they?" We ended up doing more damage than good, entering in to a first time mommy and baby bonding situation that really needed to happen naturally. We have learned our lesson and now watch the miracles happen from the sidelines, allowing nature to take over. These mamas give birth in less than 10 babies half their size...can you imagine?  Our ewes are strong. They certainly don't need our help.

We believe that the best nutrition for our lambs is to nurse with their mamas for as long as possible. They form a bond, nurse until they are strong enough to eat, and then begin to graze on our grasses when they are ready. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? We as humans strive for the same beginnings with our babies. Milk from mother is the best way to build up resistance against disease and illness. There's a reason why they call it "liquid gold"!

At BF Farms, we want the most natural and organic processes for our animals. We give them access to the most nutritious substances available so that you can have the most nutritious meat around. We are thankful for the opportunity to be a part of your meals.

Do you have a lamb recipe you would like to share with us? If so, email it to and your recipe could be the subject of our next blog post!  How exciting is that?

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