Designer Foods

Designer Clothes have been around a long time – but what about Designer Foods?

Go to a New York Fashion Show and you’ll probably see some of the most outlandish looking clothes that you know you would never wear! Clothing designers, like Calvin Klein, create something new and different in order to be noticed and ‘ahead of the game’. It is simply the fashion world in which we live.

This same phenomenon is happening with foods. All across the country, chefs are competing to create what many might call outlandish combinations of foods to impress judges at competitive shows – and to sell to customers at high-dollar restaurants.

Chefs are to foods what Clothing Designers are to clothes!

Know that everything created is not new. For example; many chefs have rediscovered wood ashes and how they contribute flavor. Native Indians used wood ashes to add flavor to some of their foods, especially corn. They learned this from observing wild life and how they craved ashes from burned vegetation. What is very interesting is that Indians were never known to use wood ash on meat to enhance flavor. Because wild animals graze only on grasses, their meat naturally has tremendous flavor.

Why do clothing designers and chefs feel the need to add to what already exists? Could it be because the clothing or food is bland? Could it be because consumers are bored? Could it be because of the increasing demand to be new and “cutting edge”?

We have great news! We have received feedback from our customers that our grass-fed beef and lamb is not bland. They do not get bored with the flavor and do not need sauces or rubs. Lastly, grass-fed meat is “cutting edge"! There has been an increasing awareness for healthy, quality food that is ethically raised; food that is naturally flavorful and nutritious – just the way nature intended!


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