Why Do Cattlemen Use Added Growth Hormones, Steroids?

Growth Hormones, Steroids – Money vs. Health

Using Growth Hormones, Steroids, is a no-brainer for cattlemen. For an investment of $20 to $30 per animal, a cattleman can net $200 to $300 of additional income by using Growth Hormones, Steroids.

A grain-fed steer that weighs 1300 pounds, can weigh 1400 – 1500 pounds when Growth Hormones, Steroids have been administered during its life. With the price of $2.00 per pound, this is a big profit for a $20 to $30 investment.

Keep in mind, there is nothing illegal in the Unites States with using Growth Hormones, Steroids, on the animals U.S. consumer eat. Other countries, such as Great Britain, ban the use of Growth Hormones, Steroids, for human consumption; however, in the U.S., the almighty dollar seems to trump health – whether it’s the environment, the energy we produce, or the food we eat.

There is one exception when many cattlemen will not use Growth Hormones, Steroids – this is on the animals they select for their own families to eat! Most cattlemen know that Growth Hormones, Steroids, can cause long term health problems, so they want to protect their loved ones.

Yes, it’s buyer beware. This is a major reason so many consumers are looking at different sources for their food. The grass-fed movement is definitely growing. Many consumers do not want to eat meat from animals that have been fed genetically modified grain, or have been given Growth Hormones, Steroids, or antibiotics.

For many informed consumers, health trumps the almighty dollar. At BF Farms, LLC, we are dedicated to serving these informed consumers with a product that is not only raised in a healthy manner, but also is a product that excels in taste and tenderness.

Posted on July 15, 2015 .