Lamb Sausage

Lamb Sausage Recipes


Pork sausage is a huge staple for meals in America, but not many have had the opportunity to try lamb sausage! Our family has fallen in love with lamb sausage not just because it's yummy and different, but also because of the health benefits. Our lamb sausage has been mixed with a specific amount of Hymilayan sea salt and red pepper flakes to create a slightly spicy, unique flavor. If you're unsure about the taste of lamb in general, our sausage is a great place to start.


Here are some ways we use lamb sausage in our family:


Breakfast: Eggs and Sausage

Make sausage into patties or meatballs to eat with your eggs or put them both into a casserole! Simply roll the sausage into small balls or patties and cook them stove top with butter! For a casserole, brown the meat just like you would any other choice meat and add it to your favorite casserole recipe.


Lunch: Beef and Lamb Burgers

We love to mix lamb sausage with our ground beef to give a fresh and vibrant flavor to a classic burger. Mix the two together to taste. If you like a spicy flare, add more lamb sausage, if your taste buds are sensitive to the heat, add less. Lamb is always better when slightly under cooked, so keep that in mind.


Dinner: Pasta with Lamb Sausage

Pretty much any kind of pasta can benefit from the kick of grass-fed lamb sausage and have I mentioned the amazingness that is our Bone Marrow Bone Broth?!? Combine these two gems, and your body will love you! You can roll the sausage into long strips or meatballs, cook stove top, and then add them to your sauce early, allowing the flavors to blend together. Adding Bone Marrow Broth to the sauce or even cooking your pasta in it, will add nutrients and a heartier flavor.


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If you're interested in adding something new and flavorful to your traditional meals, check it out here! Also, we always throw in one pound of Lamb Sausage for anyone who purchases our Eighth Beef package! "wink"


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