Grass-Fed for CrossFit?

CrossFit World & Grass-Fed Meat

Since entering the CrossFit world with our grass-fed meat, we have had many great discussions about the importance of clean meat for those who "tear it up" at their local box. Some gyms have the benefit of having a coach on hand to teach the value of nutrition and how it goes hand in hand with exercise, but most CrossFitters have been left to their own devices to figure out what their body needs for the best possible performance and recovery. I realize that this will be another blog you read to give you yet another opinion about why this particular product matters for your performance, but if you've done your research you should be pointed to the same place by many professionals that say: Grass-Fed meat matters.

Here's why:

Fat Content and Inflammation

Commercially raised animals are usually fed all sorts of grain and fillers because it's cheap. This not only leads to health problems for the animals but to significantly less healthy meat for you! Our animals eat nothing but grass from the moment they stop drinking their mamma's milk, the way nature intended.

This 100% Grass-Fed diet leads to a significantly more balanced fat profile in the meat. Omega 3's are higher, Omega 6's are lower, and the overall fat content is also lower. The biggest benefit of this for athletes like you is lower levels of inflammation.

Rebuild and Recover

Overuse of antibiotics in the livestock industry lead to resistant strains of bacteria that end up in your food! This negatively affects your immune system making it more difficult for your body to recover from stress. At BF Farms the meat we sell has never been treated with antibiotics, so no need to worry.

When you eat foods that give your bodies the components needed to repair and rebuild without compromising your immune system or causing excess inflammation, you're getting the most out of today's workout and are more prepared for tomorrow's!


The thing is, this is not only directed to our CrossFit friends, it's for any athlete who wants their body to perform properly. We have done the hard work on the farm to keep out all of the "junk" so you don't have to. We have made eating clean meat easy! So hit us up before your next WOD.


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