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More Than Food

More Than Food

To our family, this farm is about much more than raising food.

A couple weeks ago we had our second Farm Day. Other than it being abnormally cold for May, it was everything we imagined it would be. Hay rides, horse rides, games, and food brought the community together and smiles on each face. Watching the kiddos pet and squeal over the baby animals and anxiously wait in line to ride the horses filled my heart. Our family was encouraged by your support and your presence. My favorite part however, was listening to people ask questions about farming and what it means to eat grass-fed.

You see, the reason why our family has taken on the giant en devour of creating 100% grass-fed meat without any of the junk - steroids, antibiotics, ect. - that weaken our immune system and fill our bodies with toxins and bacteria, is because we care about you. The reason why so much effort goes into the care of our grass and our animals is because we want to see you succeed. We want to see a community that has the energy to love and grow. That thrives because you have fed your bodies quality food. We want to see your kids run, laugh, and excel in school. We want to know that you feel good, not just about what you are putting into your body, but also about the function of your body.

In order to have the highest functioning bodies, you need high quality food. We want to be that resource for you. Let us be that resource for you.

Have a happy and healthy summer!


BF-Farms, LLC, Oklahoma's source for 100% grass-fed beef and lamb.

Calving Season

Calving Season on the Farm

It's calving season on the farm, which means there are babies popping up everywhere! Along with making sure the calves are nursing well, we also make sure the mamas have the nutrients they need to pass on to their babies. Right now, they are receiving high quality grasses such as prairie hay, buffalo grass, and crab grass. We will move them to different pastures to meet the needs of their diet at any given time.

This week we brought some cattle in to be pregnancy tested. These cows have been in the pasture with a couple of bulls for a few months now. First, we pull the bulls out of the group. Then we test the cows for pregnancy. Once we get the results back, we will separate the ones who are pregnant from the ones who are not and prepare for the next calving season.

The process is pretty simple. We draw a small amount of blood from the base of the tail and send them on their way!

BF-Farms, LLC, Oklahoma's source for 100% grass-fed beef and lamb.